In Store Digital Signage for powersports and motorcycle





digital signage

displays designed to sell

● full-screen video
● customizable ticker
● weather/date widget
● your store logo
In Store Action Ticker Digital Signage for powersports and motocycle
● customizable ticker
● customizable skyscrapers
● weather widget
● your store logo
In Store L-bracket Digital Signage for powersports and motorcycle
● customizable ticker
● customizable menu-board
● riding conditions report
● your store logo

Think of all the offers that are sent to you from the OEM’s and accessory companies, from discount financing to new gear and info on new features. It’s tough enough running a dealership than to keep up with all of this. WE DO THIS FOR YOU!

MOTOTV™ provides you with a cost-efficient and powerful way to market inside your dealership, directly targeting the customers when they’re a credit card swipe away from a purchase. Research shows that the most influential way to reach a customer is when they are inside your dealership, so why not keep your customers informed in the coolest and most modern way -- The MOTOTV Way.

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