In Store Digital Signage for bike





digital signage

displays designed to sell

● full-screen video
● customizable ticker
● weather/date widget
● your store logo
In Store Action Ticker Digital Signage for bicycle
● customizable ticker
● customizable skyscrapers
● weather widget
● your store logo
In Store L-bracket Digital Signage for bicycle
● customizable ticker
● customizable menu-board
● riding conditions report
● your store logo

Boost your shop's in-store atmosphere and boost your sales with MOTO-VELOTV. We are your shop's own personal television network that not only pipes in the most current content for the brands you sell but also allows you to customize your own in-store messaging via a bottom screen ticker, full screen animated graphics or coming soon our new L-Bracket. All you need is one of our media players and an internet connection and you'll get the freshest content related to bicycling while advertising your in-store sales!

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