MOTOTV™ is constantly updating new content from our partners -- Speed Channel, Racer X Films, Red Bull Moving Images & many others -- keeping the content fresh and atmosphere exciting inside your dealerships.  In between the race recaps from Speed Channel and killer content from our other content providers, you get to add promotional messages to educate & inform your customers while they are a credit card swipe away from a purchase.



It’s important to know that MOTOTV™ is NOT a DVD that loops, instead it’s completely customizable to what you sell in your dealership, and able to be changed instantly.  Using your existing broadband internet connection (at night), we download content to the Media Player installed at your location. The technology may be complex, but hey, we deal with that stuff so you don’t have to.  For you, MOTOTV™ is as simple as picking what content you want to see, what you want to promote, and when you want to see it.

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